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    Top things to do in Mandalay, Myanmar

    If you are planning a trip to Myanmar, you have most definitely heard about Mandalay! And if you have not, then keep on reading. Here you will find all the highlights of Mandalay that you need to see, while visiting Myanmar. Wood carvings and handicraft workshop Mandalay is famous for its many and various craft-shops. There are different ateliers, each…

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    How to sell your Lightroom presets?

    In this article, I want to show you how you can sell your Lightroom presets. If you do not know, how to create a Lightroom preset or what is a preset, you can go to “How to create your own preset in Lightroom?” This is a step-by-step guide on how to create and save your presets Lightroom CC. How to…

  • Add a preset to Lightroom Mobile
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    Tutorial: Add a preset to Lightroom Mobile

    This article will teach you how to add a preset to your Lightroom Mobile version. The first thing that is important for this tutorial is to have a preset that you would like to transfer. You can either download these from a website that offers them for free or purchase a preset from a WebShop. These presets come normally in…

  • Pictures edited with one preset
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    How to create your own preset in Lightroom?

    Have you ever been in the situation, in which you had to edit a few similar photos in the same way? I think we all have been there… That is why, Lightroom provides the option, with which you can streamline such a process and save TONS of time. This is called using a “Preset”. But was is a preset? A…

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    Mandalay: A day trip to Sagaing Hill

    When traveling to Myanmar, one of the most popular stops for tourists is Mandalay. Mandalay is the second-largest city in Myanmar, with a little bit more than a million people living in the city. It was founded in 1857 and was the royal capital of Myanmar. The city lies at the River Irrawaddy, north of the current capital of Burma,…

  • Mingun - Hsinbuyme Pagoda

    Hsinbyume Pagoda Mingun – The white temple of Myanmar

    One of my favorite places in Myanmar is the Hsinbyume Pagoda. It is located north of Mandalay (about 10km), in a city called Mingun, in the Sagaing region. About the Hsinbyume Pagoda Behind every memorable place, every great monument, every great story, there is alway one thing standing – love. This pagoda was build in 1816 by the Bagydaw prince, the…

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    Make that black velour pop out!

    Home alone and nothing to do? It is probably my favorite situation. You get to pull out your new purchases and try them on. Take some pictures! Feel good! I bought this skirt from ASOS, it is from the brand New Look and I simply love it. I chose to style it with a plain top, as I want it…

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    Did you say Cherry Blossom or Cherry Bottoms?

    No bottoms of mine have cherries on them, at least not yet. But I found these cute pink cherry sneakers, which can be a perfect touch to any outfit (formal or informal). Personally, I was going for something sweet and easy but also sexy at the same time. So playing dress up at my home looks something like this. I…